Looking for high-margin accessories for alpine customers?

Increase an average order value by 8-40 €
upselling this ski carrier

  • At least 50-70% margin
  • Easy to upsell
  • Perfect accessory to traditional
    alpine products
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Trusted by industry leaders
"We got huge customer base that already bought skis and all equipment.
And we are always thinking about high-margin accessories to increase our avarage check. Ski carriers from Kebb is a great solution for upselling our customers"
Patrik Karlsson- Buyer at Decathlon

Why do customers love Kebb?

Walking in ski boots is hard enough. But when you are carrying skis and poles it becomes even more challenging. And how about handling your partner’s and children skis? Kebb solves that problem and make your vacation less stressful.

80 % of customers that bought ski carrier rated it a 4 or 5 in customer satisfaction on a scale of 1-5

How to increase an average order value from alpine customers by 8-40 €?

Upsell at the counter

Train your cashier to say only a few sentences and ready-to-buy customer will agree to add low-price accessory to his order

Make a bundle

Create a seductive offer to buy traditional alpine accessories together with ski carrier

Recommend as an accessory

Does your customer want to buy skis and poles? Suggest a solution for carrying all that stuff.

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